Before applying to TFY Ireland, we ask that you read the following information. If you are happy to abide by these rules, please fill in the application form below.

What is TFY Ireland?

The aim of TFY Ireland is to provide intensive theological instruction to the young people of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland. It is a residential program that will be held at the Reformed Theological College, Belfast from Monday 12th - Friday 16th August.

What will I do at TFY Ireland?

Each day of TFY Ireland will consist of several hours of lectures as well as seminars and times of discussion. You will also have the opportunity to get to know other young people of our denomination as you spend time with them throughout the week.

Who can apply for TFY Ireland?

Anyone, male or female, aged from 16-22 who is attending a congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland or who wishes to find out more about the beliefs of the church. To have your application accepted, you must be recommended by a local session.

What is the application process for TFY Ireland?

Once you have read the information on this page, you can apply by filling in the form below. After you apply, we will contact the session of your congregation to ask them to approve your participation. If you are under 18, we will contact you in order to ask for the consent of a parent or guardian.

After we have contacted your session and parent/guardian, we will email you to inform you of whether your application has been successful.

The deadline for applications is 30th April.

How much will TFY Ireland cost?

The cost to attend TFY Ireland will be £50 or €57. If you are genuinely unable to afford this, financial support is available. Just let us know in the form below.

What will be expected of me at TFY Ireland?

We firmly believe that TFY Ireland will be an enjoyable and worthwhile week for everyone who attends. However, we also want to be clear that it will be an intense week that will involve hard study on your part. This is a wonderful opportunity to dig deeply into the Word of Jesus Christ; we expect you to play your part by participating fully in all the lectures and other activities of the week.

We also expect you to co-operate fully with the TFY Ireland leaders during the week and to remain on site unless they give you permission to leave.